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This case study showcases how Google My Business optimization turned a struggling local dental clinic into a top-rated destination, significantly increasing monthly visits.

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Transforming Online Presence

The client, a local dental clinic, faced a significant challenge. In a highly competitive market with 13 nearby dental clinics, their online presence and foot traffic were dwindling. This case study explores how our agency utilized Google My Business optimization to rejuvenate their digital footprint and increase monthly clinic visits.


What we did

To address the client’s challenges, we implemented a comprehensive strategy that involved Google My Business (GMB) optimization, content enhancement, and keyword optimization.


our success

Our multi-faceted approach yielded impressive results:

  • Increased Visibility: Within the first month, the client’s GMB listing started appearing more frequently in local search results, enhancing their online visibility.
  • Improved User Engagement: Engaging images and content on the GMB profile contributed to increased click-through rates and user interactions, indicating that potential patients were more interested in their services.
  • Monthly Visits Soared: Over a three-month period, the client went from zero visits to consistently attracting 17-20 monthly visits from Google Maps searches. This demonstrated the substantial impact of our optimization efforts in driving more foot traffic to their clinic.

Our service Approach.
google my business optimization.

Approach – Services Offered

Online presence for increased foot traffic.

To revitalize the client’s online presence and boost their clinic’s foot traffic, our approach involved a comprehensive strategy:

  • Google My Business Optimization: We meticulously updated and optimized the client’s GMB profile, ensuring it was complete, accurate, and appealing. This included adding essential information, high-quality images, and engaging content to attract potential patients.
  • Local SEO Enhancements: We conducted thorough keyword research and localized SEO improvements to boost their visibility on Google Maps and local search results. This involved optimizing their website and GMB profile to align with local search queries.
  • Review Management: Our review strategy encouraged positive feedback from satisfied patients while addressing any negative feedback to build trust and credibility. This proactive approach helped the client maintain a positive online reputation.

In conclusion, this case study highlights the transformative power of Google My Business optimization, content marketing, and local SEO for businesses in competitive industries like dental clinics. Our strategy not only revitalized the clinic’s online presence but also significantly improved its online visibility and overall business performance, ultimately positioning it as a top-rated dental clinic in its local market.

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